Responsive Websites

What is a responsive website? 

Responsive Websites A responsive website is one that can be viewed on all devices equally well. Your responsive webpage will change its shape naturally to fit on laptops, smart phones, tablets and desktop screens alike.

There is nothing worse than viewing a business page on your mobile phone and having the webpage so small you cannot read it or finding the content cropped off. People will leave a page when they cannot view it properly and you will lose business.

People are searching on “Google” or on other search engines for local businesses to meet their needs. They do their searches on their smart phones, laptops, tablets, and desk tops. Small-business owners and professionals alike need to have a responsive website because of this growing trend. When you have a website that is not responsive, you take the chance of losing customers.

At Traverse City Affordable Websites, we select only responsive themes for our customers. We know the importance viewing your website on all devices easily. You can have your current website transferred to a responsive theme or build a new responsive website today. 


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